Thursday, November 19

New Moon Madness!

Whopee!  Guess where I will be tonight at 12:20!  Take one guess... Gotta say, I love the books, the last movie was fun, but I hear this movie is even better and I am very happy to see it tonight.  I am throwing caution to the wind and sacrificing precious sleep that is hard to come by to spend some quality time with the gals.  Totally worth it!

Scott, a big movie fanatic himself, totally understands the madness, until he saw this on his way home from work...

Then, he questioned my motives and was a little more curious about what all the fuss is about.  This poster is a bit over the top and now I'm a bit embarrassed about the whole phenomena.  What do you ladies think?  Love it or too much?  Or both?  :)

Either way, I'm off to get the kiddos ready for bed and bundle myself up for a chilly wait in line.  If I get cold, I can always recall this poster!

Tuesday, November 17

An Idea for Family Home Evening

So, I decided that our next Family Home Evening would be about the significance of the Sacrament after passing the bread tray to Joshie at church this Sunday and he casually waved it off saying, "Oh, no thank you!  I not hungry."  I took a second to remind him that we don't pass the sacrament because he might be hungry, but to think about his Jesus and His life and example and his atonement.  I offered it to him again and got the same response, "But I NOT HUNGRY!"

Saturday, October 24

Mexican Caviar

I have to post this because I just love it!  I stole it from my sister who got it from her mother-in-law.  (I would link to her blog, but that is entirely too technical for me!)  It's delicious and very healthy!  I eat it as a side dish, with chips, over rice, or with warmed tortillas.  Give it a try!
"Mexican Caviar"

1 small can corn
1 can hominy and 1 can black eyed peas (I use garbanzo beans and black beans instead)
1 can green chilies
4 chopped green onions
3 chopped Roma tomatoes
16 oz. picante sauce (Pace brand)
1 can diced black olives
1/2 small bottle zesty Italian dressing
1 teaspoon minced garlic
Lots of cilantro

A Five Year Old's Thoughts on Marriage

On the way to school Thursday Ben asked, "Mom, what happens if you are married and you find someone else you like better?  Can you trade in the old one?"

Well, technically, you can and it is done all the time.  However, I began a conversation explaining that marriage is a commitment and that you make it work and once you get married, you stop looking.  He replied, "Mom, I just can't help it!  I just think girls are so pretty and I want to marry them all!"

Friday, October 23

I Guess the Trunk or Treat Was Exhausting!

Baby Eli

Cousin Baby Jovi

Our New Pet--Spooky

Meet Spooky.  We found him gorging on our grape tomato plant.  We plucked him from his own personal heaven to become a pet of two very interested and hands on boys.  He is officially called a tobacco hornworm.  The pictures don't do him justice.  He is huge and the amount of leaves he can devour is frightening!

Ben brought him in for share day and I made him write a report.  (It's crazy that Ben couldn't even write 2 months ago!  Thank you Kindergarten and positive peer pressure!)  On Sunday, he stopped eating and began his "wandering" phase in preparation for his metamorphosis.  In the last week, he has shrunk and is turning brown.  It's fun to watch.  It sounds like he will become a chrysalis for about 18 days and emerge a Carolina Sphinx moth with a wing span of 5-6 inches.

Stay tuned...

Sunday, October 18

Enjoying Our Backyard

Today we spent a little time in our backyard.  This is what we found.

A creepy spider on our swing set.

Our tobacco hornworm beginning his wandering phase.  Notice his heart is showing through his skin that is becoming translucent.  His heart is actually a tube that runs along his back.

Our first avocado that we guessed was ready for harvest!

The proud gardener himself!